HFCAP (Health Facility Cash Assessment Program) requires New York State designated providers to pay an assessment on cash operating receipts on a monthly basis under the Health Facility Cash Receipts Assessment Program pursuant to Chapter 1 of the Laws of 2002 as amended by various subsequent period Chapter Laws.

Beginning with the April 2011 report month, the assessment includes Article 28 Residential Health Care Facilities (RHCF); Article 36 Certified Home Health Agencies and Personal Care Providers that possess a Title XIX (i.e. Medicaid) contract with a Local Social Services District for the delivery of personal care services pursuant to Section 367-i of the Social Services Law; and, Article 36 Long Term Home Health Care Programs.  Article 28 General Hospitals are required to pay an additional monthly assessment for Hospital Quality Contribution cash receipts as well.  The applicable HFCAP rates for each provider type and additional information regarding the Hospital Quality Contribution program are detailed on the Health Facilities Cash Assessment Program Home page.

Exempted from this assessment program are voluntary, non-profit RHCFs which are: (1) totally financed by charitable contributions, or by the income thereon, and solely dedicated to free care of low income patients; and (2) facilities dedicated solely to the care of police, firefighters, volunteer firefighters, and emergency service personnel.

Required monthly reports from hospitals can be filed electronically by obtaining an electronic filing account, with an assigned secure password, from the Office of Pool Administration. To file a Cash Receipts Assessment Report, refer to "Cash Receipts Assessment Electronic Reporting".

For further information regarding the Health Facility Cash Receipts Assessment Program, you can Contact the Department of Health.

Attention Providers

All Providers are strongly encouraged to submit payments owed (if applicable) through an electronic transfer of funds. Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers are the most cost effective. This is a secure method of sending your payment.

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